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Standards of Care For Personal Trainers

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Too many times do you go seeking a trainer and they are brand new with no experience charging an arm and a leg.

Or they beat you up and expect you to pay for that. Or worse you do and you're unhappy with the training because they throw you on a machine, not explaining exactly why they are choosing a certain exercise for you or you get injured!

The healthcare industry is broken and trainers are at the forefront of healthcare and we need a high standard of care. We're here to help people get (scientifically verified) results. The personal training industry needs to do better! We need better education and mentoring/internships. And that's what Vida Fit provides.

For internships you must DO! (not just sit down and study)

Say the principle, do the principle. I.e Progressive overload, time under tension, instability/base of support.

  • Write 10 programs

  • Take 10 people through a workout

  • Master every major pattern: squat, hip hinge, single leg, push, pull, carry

  • Secondary mastery: rotation + power moves, the 20-30 other main moves

  • Tertiary mastery: accessory moves, creativity.

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